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Originally Posted by Tarus View Post
Breakaway and shootout stuff tends to get really overrated when it comes to goalscoring ability. Some of the best NHL goalscorers in the league have typically been average, if not below average in that aspect of the game.

Hall is not a low IQ player either, he's just a different type of player. He does play a very impulsive and bull'ish game which has probably contributed to that undeserved label, it's an idea that should die out as he gets older and gains experience and becomes more effective in the league.
This is fair. He's actually a very smart player without the puck. He knows where to go, where to put his body to create space for his linemates, etc. At that part of the game he's near-elite (seriously), and a lot of his production comes off of it - perhaps his best non-physical attribute.

When people say he's got low IQ it's what happens when he's got the puck on his stick. I don't think anyone outside of Hemsky gives the puck away as much as him on the PP (and at least Hemsky's trying to pass when he does it). He also has questionable decision-making when entering the zone on the rush with the puck on his stick. This tendency to go outside rather than push in, which has resulted in big hit after big hit, not to mention low-percentage shots. With Hall, the less time the puck is on his stick, the better. It's not a bad trait either, there are very successful players that have that quality eg) Smyth, Kesler, Heatley, Lupul, etc.

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