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12-02-2012, 09:04 AM
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>> For every season played, former players over the age of 65 receive $1,380 annually. The plan was conceived in 2004 by former players Pat Flatley, Ted Lindsay, Brian Conacher and Glenn Healy, and the league and players union agreed to each contribute $1 million per year.

“I didn’t know about the situation of many of these former players until I retired, and I’m quite disappointed in myself for not knowing,” said Flatley. “The equity of every team in the league was built on their backs.”

In 2008, then NHLPA boss Paul Kelly convinced both sides to increase their annual contributions to $2 million each.

“Many of the older players and widows are reliant upon these monies as their sole source of support,” said Kelly. “These were the trailblazers in our game who were paid very modest sums for their efforts.”

NHL commissioner Gary Bettman said the Senior Player Benefit “has to be sorted out.”

“We intend to do the right thing,” Bettman told the Star.

NHLPA spokesman Jonathan Weatherdon said in an email “no one on either side has suggested changing this provision, nor has it been discussed.”

Those vague words resolve nothing. So hundreds of former players and widows wait, not knowing when the next cheque might arrive. <<

wow, I wasn't aware of this, if this plan somehow gets cut or these former players aren't 'made whole' as a result of this lockout, that would be a disgusting shame..
...obviously both sides look bad on this, but it ticks me off that the current players supposedly care more about doing the right thing for future NHL'ers, when maybe they should be equally as concerned about these guys that paved the way and helped establish a players association and eventually grow it to the point that enables them to get to the ridiculous earnings level they're at now, FFS

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