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Originally Posted by Mr Writer View Post
While I can't be classified as an immigrant in a new land, but from my personal and professional experience, as an expat spending 8 months of the year living abroad and have been doing so for the past several years, I don't think any one country is any easier than any other with regards to adapting... I think it depends to a great extent on the personality and character of the person who is doing the immigrating.
I agree that personality is a big part of it and also how determined the person is to make the adjustment. However I think every place and culture varies as to how they accept newcomers into their communities so I wouldn't say all situations are equal. To give an extreme example I think a Jewish person from Israel moving to Afghanistan might find the cultural adjustment difficult. Also there are other factors such as if the new place has an established expat community from your homeland which can help with the adjustment.

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