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05-27-2006, 11:29 AM
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Originally Posted by Live Forever
I tried to take down a couple of notes on the interview for those who didn't have a chance to listen to it...It's not word for word, but it went along these lines.

PJ: How do u live your life when so many media outlets are so negative on you?

Koivu: Well as soon as I leave the rink, it doesn't effect me...I know when I play a bad game or play a good game so I don't need to read the papers to know that...I can go for a walk in the park with my kids and people only come up to me to say positive things.

PJ: Does it bother you when 110% keeps knocking you down?

Koivu: Well I've learned how to deal with it. It used to be more difficult at the beginning but i'm ok with it the way happy birthday PJ

PJ: You just signed a 3 year deal...tell us about it

Koivu: I've been in the bad era...I know what it is like to struggle...I've played on the teams that struggled here and I know what it feels like to lose. But the team is headed in a better direction and I want to win a cup. I don't want to win a cup in Nashville. I want to win a cup and I want it to be in Montreal

PJ: You said the media pushes you to get better, Bob Gainey mentioned the same thing that this city has some more spice and the fans will scrutinize you until you become better

Koivu: Yes, the fans here want you to play better and play as a team. That's what I like about Montreal fans

PJ: Yes people like Boullion and Begin aren't the most talented players on the team, but they work so hard...That's what the fans want

Koivu: In the end players like Begin and Bouillion will win you a cup.

PJ: Gainey doesn't go to Hurleys with you guys to party after a game, but I want to know how does he Motivate you? I mean after game 2 with Carolina he almost cracked a smile after the over time goal. HE shows so little emotion...tell me what he is like.

Koivu: Yeah he is pretty intimidating. When he came in everyone was a little scared, but he brought in that attitude that we can win games. He made us feel and remember that we can play better. We are a better team.

PJ: How do you feel about the players on the current team?

Koivu: The one thing that this team has is that we have youth, We can be a lot better in 3-4 years. And maybe we weren't going to win this year, but we always have 2-3 young players that can step up and maybe we can get 2 free agents to step up also. Look at Carolina and Buffalo...

PJ: Aren't you worried that after the cancer and all those injuries that you weren't going to be so good looking? Have you been taking the summer off or something, your arms look smaller?

Koivu: Hahaha, no no, i've just been relaxing. But my wife doesn't mind.

***PJ plays the clip of the press conference when he was asked if it was normal for the captain of the Montreal Canadiens can't speak French and also plays Koivu's response***

PJ plays yesterday's clip of himself when he was mentioning that the media doesn't pay Saku Koivu, people don't buy tickets because of the language he speaks...they go for the product on the ice.

PJ: Do you feel it's so important for a captain to learn french? Do you think it's so important that you need to address yourself to the media in French?

Koivu: French culture is such a big part of this province. I understand why they want this...But the game has changed from 20 years ago. Now there are so many more Europeans playing and it's important that you get along with everyone. I was selected the captain from my teamates and that's means so much to me.

PJ: I don't understand why it's so important why everyone wants you to speak French. I can see it being an issue when the team loses, but what if this team wins a cup with 20 people from Europe on this team. Will people be complaining?

Koivu: I know that for the guys on the team its not important. It's not an issue

Lilly: Did you learn English before coming here?

Koivu: Well we learn a bit in school.

Nick Russo: Back home do you practice a lot of English?

Koivu: Well just enough to survive.

PJ: I don't understand why the media gets all crazy when you say Bonjour or Merci. I want you to understand that im with you in this and that I find it is ridiculous. They go crazy over a couple of words.

Koivu: Sorry I missed what Koivu said on this.

Lilly: So what do you have planned for the summer?

Koivu: Well it's going to be a pretty busy summer for me, I've got a lot planned. I'm going to spend some time with my family in Finland and my wife and I are expected a second baby around July 1st. So it's going to be pretty fun.

Nick Russo: Does light still effect your eye?

Koivu: Well a little bit. It's still a little sensitive.

PJ: and the way you're dressed. (Koivu is wearing a white shirt)

Koivu: Well we all know you have zero style

PJ: yeah that's why you're wearing your wife's sunglasses. What is that Coco Channel or something?

Everyone laughs

PJ: Why did you want that no trade clause?

Koivu: Well I wanted to sign a deal where in the end, I could stay here in Montreal. I don't want to be traded somewhere else during the season...

PJ: Yeah pretty much like Thornton...Well Koivu I wish you all the best. I know you're a mediocre dresser but have a good summer in Finland..blablabla
Good stuff .. Thanks

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