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Harry Lumley

Originally Posted by MXD View Post
One thing that we shouldn't overlook regarding Lumley is that he wasn't regarded as being better than Durnan, Brimsek, Rayner and Broda when he was with the Hawks. His numbers were certainly good, but he might have had the benefit of playing with what was possibly the best team of the league in the immediate post wwII era -- and according with what we've done so far, he played behind a great defense... I mean, Jack Stewart didn't get those AST berths for his offensive game, right?

He played with Stewart and Quackenbush for that whole period, and with Kelly for part of that period. Detroit also had the otherwise very completent Leo Reise as well.

Granted, Lumley was still young, and those weren't exactly Lumley's best years either (it was probably his Leafs stint), but if we're to be consequent with everything we've made so far, Lumley must not get that THAT MUCH consideration for the whole time he played with Detroit -- after all, we're possibly talking about the 5th best goalie in a 6-team league. His competition was kinda good, however, hence why I suggest it must not be completely disregarded.

Full disclosure : I consider Lumley a guy that could go either way of the Top-8 for this round.
Lumley played for the Wings in the era referred to. Excellent defensemen but the forwards were not solid defensively. Did not have a Ted Kennedy quality defensive center.

With the Leafs he played behind a very solid defensive team and his numbers were very impressive as were his AST nominations.

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