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Originally Posted by Estimated_Prophet View Post
I would take Galchenyuk over Yakupov right now. They are both elite talents but Yakupov has a huge ego and I suspect he will be a very exciting player but he will also come with alot of headaches. Galchenyuk seems to be much more of a team player who will buy into the team concept and playing in all three zones. IMO players like Galchenyuk contribute to a team's success more than players like Yakupov. At the end of the day the reason that an NHL team such as Montreal exists is to win championships. Galchenyuk imo is a better building block towards this goal than Yakupov and at this point in their development is the better pro prospect.

I still would have taken Yakupov at #1 due to some of the uncertainty surrounding Galchenyuk at the time but as of right now I prefer Galchenyuk. I am very happy that Timmins saw the Galchenyuk/Grigorenko debate in the same light as me and some others on this board although it is funny how many people here were against taking Galchenyuk at #3 are all of the sudden fans of his since he was a 16 year old......

Just for fun:

previous stats:
68 31 52 83

Pro-rated 12/13 stats:
68 48 73 121

That is what I call progression!
Originally Posted by Estimated_Prophet View Post
IMO Grigorenko was anything but a safe pick. He is very talented but he is not a piece of a championship puzzle. I believe he will put up good regular season stats but will be easily neutralized in the playoffs. The safest forward after Yakupov would easily have been Forsberg.

The Montreal Canadiens are supposed to be a team that wins championships and it is their responsibility to draft players who have the drive and work ethic to do exactly that. Galchenyuk was a no brainer for myself and apparently was also for Timmins as Alex has all of the intangibles to go with top end talent. Grigorenko slipped out of the top ten just like I said he would and was ridiculed for saying as much. I am not crazy about the Leafs getting Reilly either as he was the next best BPA after Galchenyuk.
Originally Posted by Estimated_Prophet View Post
I said that Galchenyuk was a far better selection than Grigorenko long before the draft.....hindsight was not required.

I hope this past draft was a learning experience for many of the posters on here. Timmins loves guys who compete hard, both on and off of the really was a no brainer who his selection would be after Yakupov and Murray were off the board.

It is funny how all of Grigorenko's pre draft fanboys disappeared after my predictions were validated. Not a peep after months of bashing and insults.

Sorry but it was funny seeing you compliment yourself on so many occasions. A lot of us wanted Galchenyuk, but its too early to actually say he is better then Grigorenko or Yakupov or Murray lets wait until they actually play in the NHL before touting our own horns.

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