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12-02-2012, 11:14 AM
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Originally Posted by dats81 View Post
I know it may sound tempting to get rid of Bryz but anybody posting this kind of proposal better come up with a solution past Bryz.

Flyers have nobody in the pipeline. If you don't like Couts or Schenn gone in a trade for a goalie you can't be for ditching Bryz imho.
I think you are equating this moving Carter (along with Richards) to gain enough Cap for the big ticket Goalie (Bryz) last time... The difference I see, if Bryz were to be removed without return, is that the Flyers would have the big Cap room for a replacement goalie by losing the Bryz contract.

As for a replacement... If they decide to again go for that long-term, high-profile goalie once again they'd of course have to decide on their target out of the available UFAs or decide which key player or players they would be willing to give up for their targeted guy in a trade -- which would then free up more Cap for a replacement skater -- The problem being, do they desire one of the UFAs enough or is there a goalie on another team's roster that they not only covet but can pry away.

To me the problem is not as much replacing Bryz as it is moving him... IMO there are always goalies to be had if a resourceful Organization, such as the Flyers, sets their sights on one and decides to go after them... but moving an overpaid goalie once signed, who has had an uneven season and has had trouble with the Media and fans is a challenge... That's where an amnesty program such as the NBA had last season, and the NHL had after the last Lock Out, becomes a savior... As I stated in an earlier post, IMO leaving him hanging in a dispersal draft would only irritate him and make matters worse, if not claimed... and the odds of his being claimed by another team, especially one in a starting-up situation are very slim.

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