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Klef right now is an enigma. There is not much of a sample size for him. He got demoted last year from the top league. He has gained ground but he's still a major project. I wouldn't consider him high end until a) he stays healthy in an elite league (AHL, NHL, SEL) and b) shows consistent improvement.

Marincin is also an interesting prospect and I'm not quite sure where to slate him as of yet since he's so raw.

To be fair; Minnesota doesn't have great depth but they don't have terrible depth.

They have one franchise defenseman (Brodin), they have a top 4 defenseman (Dumba), and then a bunch of good depth (Kampfer, Gunnarsson, Cuma, Genoway) but guys that probably won't stick around much. The problem is, they called up their two best defensemen in Scandella and Spurgeron, making them ineligible for being considered 'prospects'. As well Stoner and Falk as depth. With that added, Minnesota has good depth but not good prospects.
Klefbom has shown consistent improvement though, despite his injury issues. After a not so impressive first half last year, he went to the WJC and was a tournament all-star. That seemed to really boost his confidence and he played pretty much as well as Brodin the rest of the year. This year, he was arguably the SEL's top defenseman until he injured himself. Here are a couple quotes from a Farjestad reporter who posted on the Oilers board:

Originally Posted by winther88 View Post
Just as SouthSwe, I'm watching all of the games Farjestad plays and i can only agree with all the praise he is giving Klefbom. Oscar has been a force so far this season. His pokechecks are just awesome and it seems impossible for the opposing forwards to get past him.

The biggest difference this year compared to last season is that he's a lot more physical, using his big body to shield the puck and and also to push the opposing forwards around. He's also a lot calmer with the puck, always making smart decisions and great passes. It seems like he is reading the play faster than everyone else on the ice and he's always a step ahead.

Brodin really made an outstanding season for us last year and is the best young player we have had in years, until now. The start Klefbom have had of this season is in my mind better than what Brodin performed last year. If he continues to play like this, he really should be a regular in the national team, and that is also something that the coach for Team Sweden has been mentioning.

On top of all of his skills on the ice he really is one of the nicest guys I have met in the business. I work as a hockey reporter and have been doing a lot of interviews with Oscar and he's just genuinely nice. He could talk for hours and always takes time to answer all of your questions. A class act indeed!
Originally Posted by winther88 View Post
Klefbom just keeps dominating. He was our best defender once again tonight and his defensive play is just awesome. He has an amazing accuracy in his pokechecks and he's also winning all the puck battles along the boards.

For those of you who wondered what the announcers said. They praised him the whole game and during the second intermission he was named the defenceman of the week in whole SEL. The swedish broadcasters are picking a team of the week every week the entire season to get the team of the season by the end of the season. Klefbom is right now one of the two defenders in the league that has gotten most votes so far this year.

21.42 was Klefbom's icetime tonight. He aslo had three shots, two of them on goal and was very close to score the game winning goal in overtime. We later won the game on penalties anyways and with Klefbom as our best player we have now won five of the last six games.
Here's one by SouthSwe:
Originally Posted by SouthSwe View Post
The local newspaper is giving out points 5-4-3-2-1 to the 5 best Färjestad players every game. Klefbom was leading with 15 points after the first 7 games. The 2nd guy had 9.

Our coach also picked our 3 best players so far. Doubt I have to say that Klefa is one of them.
And here's a strong compliment from veteran defender Ole-Kristian Tollefsen:
Originally Posted by Ole-Kristian Tollefsen View Post
"Kleva is a travelling star. How good he'll be and where he'll play is only up to himself. "Kleva the machine"."
Anyways, you get the point... He's definitely a high-end prospect in my mind. I've also watched a Farjestad game this year, and I can definitely say he's worth the hype (not biased at all )

I agree that Marincin's a bit of a wild card at this point.

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