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12-02-2012, 11:29 AM
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Skating: Hall for pure straight forward speed, Seguin is a more well-rounded skater I think and is also quite fast. Giving to Hall
Shooting: Hall. Not close.
Passing: Seguin. Also not close.
Defense: Neither is good, Seguin has improved and has Bergeron as a linemate so he won't be as noticible a liability, so him.
Leadership: Hall. Seguin is less mature at the moment, which may change.
Offensive Instincts: Seguin. Hall may end up generating more offense, but it will be by using purely himself, Seguin has the better instincts for whether to pass, shoot or deke
Physicality: Hall. Not close.
Durability: Seguin (I'm surprised an Oilers fan actually put this as an option)
Grit: Hall. Very similar to physicality, not sure it needed another category.

Overall Offense: Seguin by a hair. Hall may end up being more productive, but Seguin will have a better balance of goals to assists and shouldn't be far off Hall's totals
Overall Defense: Neither will run a PK unit, but Seguin for reasons already explained

Better Player Now: Seguin (please don't bring up Hall's GPG...we know)
Better Player Later: Toss-up. If Hall manages to put together a few full seasons of development I could see him being better, if Seguin continues his exponential growth he could be better. I'd say Hall's max potential to me would be a 55-40-95 season while Seguins would be a 40-65-105 season. Whether either player ever actually puts up numbers like that is something we'll just have to find out.

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