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Originally Posted by DropkickQuinn View Post
Skating: Hall for pure straight forward speed, Seguin is a more well-rounded skater I think and is also quite fast. Giving to Hall
Shooting: Hall. Not close.
Passing: Seguin. Also not close.
Defense: Neither is good, Seguin has improved and has Bergeron as a linemate so he won't be as noticible a liability, so him.
Leadership: Hall. Seguin is less mature at the moment, which may change.
Offensive Instincts: Seguin. Hall may end up generating more offense, but it will be by using purely himself, Seguin has the better instincts for whether to pass, shoot or deke
Physicality: Hall. Not close.
Durability: Seguin (I'm surprised an Oilers fan actually put this as an option)
Grit: Hall. Very similar to physicality, not sure it needed another category.

Overall Offense: Seguin by a hair. Hall may end up being more productive, but Seguin will have a better balance of goals to assists and shouldn't be far off Hall's totals
Overall Defense: Neither will run a PK unit, but Seguin for reasons already explained

Better Player Now: Seguin (please don't bring up Hall's GPG...we know)
Better Player Later: Toss-up. If Hall manages to put together a few full seasons of development I could see him being better, if Seguin continues his exponential growth he could be better. I'd say Hall's max potential to me would be a 55-40-95 season while Seguins would be a 40-65-105 season. Whether either player ever actually puts up numbers like that is something we'll just have to find out.
Just a quick question: when you talk about shooting, are you inferring to the shot itself, or do you take other factors into account? If it's the former, then I'm not sure how you can say it's not close, Seguin's shot selection is pretty ferocious.

Skating: Hall has better top speed, Seguin has better agility and balance. Toss up.
Shooting: Seguin
Passing: Seguin
Defense: Equal
Leadership: Hall is an emotional leader for Edmonton already. Hall.
Offensive Instincts: Seguin
Physicality: Hall, not close.
Durability: Seguin
Grit: Hall

Overall Offense and Defense: I think the two players are tied in both accounts at the moment. Hall is more puck heavy, controlling the play through it, while Seguin can do a lot with less puck time.

Future: Seguin's skill set intrigues me. I think he's still very raw and has more potential to come. Whether he achieves this is up in the air.

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