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Originally Posted by RangerBoy View Post
The one sport which can't be losing entire seasons is the NHL. Its not as established as the MLB,NFL and NBA. Maybe that's part of the problem. Nobody really cares.
It is part of the problem. There isn't the same amount of media pressure on the NHL as there is in the other sports. If the NFL ever actually looked like it was on the verge of cancelling an entire season every media outlet in the United States would be completely off the wall with criticism and conjecture. I'm not even just talking sports media either. Politicians would get involved. Entertainers. The late night talk show hosts would do bits about it every single night.

The NHL can do this because nobody really notices. It's almost as if they're operating in a vacuum. The small cadre of die-hard fans like us notice and the insiders in the dedicated hockey media notice (90% of whom are operating out of Canada and will never be heard by any casual sports fan in the United States) but no one else does.

If the NFL pulled this act every time there was a new CBA ESPN would dedicate a new channel to NFL collective bargaining topics.

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