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Originally Posted by Et le But View Post
The thing is, even if hockey development has improved in non-traditional markets, in most of the US, the best athletes are still going to play other sports. Outside of rich, white suburbs, you aren't going to see school coaches noticing kids with raw explosiveness and recruiting them into hockey the way they do for football, basketball and baseball. If anything, soccer is growing even more quickly in the US.
So the real truth here is that MOST, by quite a margin actually, will choose another sport. But that's the beauty of the USA, they can be strong in many many sports becouse of their population and seriousness in developing their many talented youths. If only baseball and football would'nt be exceptionally popular things to choose, the country would be able to dominate sport even more than they do today during for example the Summer Olympics. So can hockey only keep growing then the USA could very well get quite the depth in the NHL. Still hard to overcome Canada obviously becouse hockey in many ways are the most popular sport there by quite a margin. For that to happen basically it means that 30 million people in the states has to view hockey as the by far most popular sport, or for example 60 million to see it at some kind of tie with baseball.

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