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Originally Posted by russianhockeyDOTde View Post
Sorry, yes i forgot Belov, i didnt knew what Varlamov has, he was not on the ice for the 5 or 6 games.

Mozyakin has great stats, i also want him at this tourney, but i think bill will ignore him again, like Mamashev, D. Makarov & Varnakov....

Syomin didnt play in the last games & his coach said he will also not play in the upcoming games.

Kuznetsov & Tarasenko are must have's, they played all the last stages @ the EHT.

Zaripov & Morozov should be a much better choice than shirokov. is he so good at the moment? didnt saw the last cska games. Zaripov & Morozov show great hockey in the last weeks, their stats are also very good right now.
Mamashev is not for this particular roster. Maybe at some EHT stage later. Varnakov is god awful in his last 10 games or so. Don't even know what's wrong with him but he's definitely not NT material right now. D.Makarov will never be. Syomin is officially scratched by Jalonen. Everybody who watches the games knows why. It's his attitude. He's not even trying. Saw him in person. He was an embarassment. Lazy floating along the blue line, not even a sign of effort. He was killing his line's play.
and you can't put Zaripov and Morozov on the checking line. Bill always has a checking line. Shirokov is a hard worker with no big ego who would do the job on the 4th line and be happy.

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