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12-02-2012, 12:55 PM
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Originally Posted by Flukeshot View Post
Prospects and players that would not need to clear waivers would not need to be protected as their ineligible (historically) for expansion drafts.

As pointed out, because of the pending UFAs the Flyers could protect virtually their entire roster.

Wellwood, Rinaldo, Gervais and AHL players would be the only players exposed.

As Timonen really wouldn't be part of the equation, I think the only question is whether you protect Gustafsson as the 5th D over Pronger.

Would Pronger get selected?
As much as I love Pronger and would be the happiest guy around if he would be able to resume his HHoF Career, I believe you have to go with the odds here, and assume other GMs would also -- hefty Cap and salary for them to carry on the slight chance he plays again -- Leaving a player with virtually 100% chance of playing exposed for such a slim chance Pronger would play at all... let alone at such a high status... is a potential big mistake.

In fact, if a team would select Pronger it would be to the Flyers' benefit as it relieves them of having to LTI Pronger -- banking -- or the off chance the NHL forces his retirement and causes a Cap catastrophe... Also IIRC losing a player lessens the chance of losing more since I believe they are limited to the number of players they can lose in such a draft... losing Pronger would allow them to add a Gus or MAF etc. to the protected list.

No way the Flyers protect Pronger... and he should understand 100% without ruffled feathers.

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