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Originally Posted by Et le But View Post
The thing is, that's true to an extent. I come from an affluent suburb in NY, the two most popular sports for scholarship purposes were lacrosse and hockey. There was a few kids who thought they had NHL potential, anyone who thought they had NFL or NBA potential would have been laughed away. Meanwhile, a few miles away, a poorer, more racially mixed town, had no hockey programs and actually produced a few pro football and basketball players.

Obviously it isn't that simple but in most of the country, hockey carries the same stigma lacrosse does, as the sport for rich white kids who can't jump but can spend a ton of money on gear.
I get the gist of what you are saying and in theory pretty much agree. My point though is that most guys who make the NHL started playing the sport at a very young age and they probably first decided to play it for reason other than career or scholarship potential. It's not like the NHL is filled with guys who decided to take up hockey at the age of 15 after being cut from the high school football or basketball team.

Its true that the cost and accessibility will prevent a large portion of people from ever playing hockey but when it comes to basketball lets be honest... 99% of the worlds population is automatically eliminated from playing 4 out of 5 positions at the sports pinnacle based on a single physical attribute (and even point guards, with the odd exception, are above average), regardless of the person's race, finances, raw athleticism or trained technical skill.

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