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Originally Posted by Rowdy Roddy Peeper View Post
Many thanks for doing the legwork. But to be honest, I don't know how your "GF/GA" and "On/Off" are calculated, what they represent, and how they're related to each other. The link you provided for methodology bolded the "AdjEV+/-" over players' entire careers.

I apologize for missing something that's probably completely obvious to the initiated, but this can all be a bit dizzying for a non-statistician, haha.
1. ESGF/GA ratio- what is the ratio of GF to GA when the player is on the ice at even strength (with no numerical advantage/disadvantage)?

2. On/Off ratio- what is the ratio of the player's ESGF/GA ratio to the that of the team without him on the ice? I.e., how much better is the team's ESGF/GA ratio with him on the ice than without him.

For an alternative and perhaps a better explanation, refer to the link previously posted on Adjusted Plus-Minus.

Originally Posted by Rowdy Roddy Peeper View Post
I would also humbly suggest that the "best 41 games to start a season" might be a more representative comparison, if we're talking about Crosby's feat relative to the best of other superstars.
I understand wanting to compare "apples to apples", which is why I included a separate list of best PPG to start the season. However, I don't see why a 41+ game streak later in the season is not worthy of comparison. I would guess the last half of the season is tougher than the first half, at least for players who play most/all of the season. Teams and players are hitting on all cylinders and fighting that much harder for playoff berths, so the games tend to be more intense and difficult on average IMO.

Besides Lemieux and Jagr's multiple seasons, some 41+ game streaks to start the season which you might look at are:

Lindros '95
Selanne '99
Ovechkin '10

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