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Originally Posted by BostonCollegeFan View Post
Matheson loves BC. The announcer said he thinks Matheson might only be in college for 2 seasons just because he is so good

My take on Matheson: Negatives: He needs to work more on defensive positioning. He loves to jump into the rush but sometimes he is overly aggressive to the point where the other team gets an odd man rush. At times he is a little too casual with the puck, sometimes he takes his eye off the puck too soon looking for what he's going to do with it before he has control of it. These things will all get better over the next few years in college and the AHL.

Positives: His skating is really good. He's got great hands and vision for a defenseman. His confidence is already showing, he has no problem joining the rush or lugging the puck deep into the offensive zone by himself. We don't often see that in college and especially not from a freshman, but it causes havoc for opposing teams and is going to result in way more goals for BC than goals against. Again, he will learn more about when it is appropriate to do this in the near future. He is basically like having a really fast, skilled forward skating as a defenseman. His speed allows him to get back quickly if he gets caught up the ice. He seems to have a great shot. He also hits really hard for his size. He's a really smooth skater and a joy to watch. He's great to have on the ice when you are down late in the game and need a strong offensive push. He seems like a great kid, intelligent, and always says the right things. The coaching staff loves him

At this point he has some things to work on, but IMO he was a great pickup at #23 overall. If the draft were redone right now I bet he'd be top 15. As he gains a little weight and locks things down defensively he is going to be a beast in college. I'm hoping he comes back for another season or two, but he definitely won't be in school for 4 years, he's too good
This is a great report, and I'd appreciate hearing more about Matheson's physicality, not necessarily in terms of strength, but more whether he is playing aggressively, and in what zones?

There were very mixed reviews about his physical play last year in Dubuque, with some really knocking what they felt was soft play, though other accounts suggest this improved as he got more comfortable with the USHL. One of the most pleasant surprises about Matheson's season so far is that he seemed to skip the slow start that he experienced in Dubuque. Hopefully this applies to his all-round game, not just offensively.

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