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12-02-2012, 02:20 PM
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My opinion on Colborne hasn't changed much this year, but I wasn't high on him last year either. Actually watching him play in the NHL and AHL last year, I really didn't get why people were pencilling him in as a future 2nd line or even 1st line centre for us. There were people talking about how they couldn't wait to "upgrade" our #2C spot from Grabo to Colborne, which was just insane. Colborne has size and skill, but he's slow and soft, and most of all he just has trouble keeping up with the play. Great players are always one step ahead of the opposition, pressuring them quickly and cutting off passing lanes pre-emptively, while Colborne always looks one step behind the opposition, just chasing the puck.

Last year I said numerous times that I wasn't convinced he'd ever be a full time NHLer, and I feel the same way now. I'm sure he'll get over his current slump, and return to being a fairly solid and productive AHLer, but I don't really see him becoming an NHLer. I don't see top 6 talent, and I don't see bottom 6 toughness/hustle/2-way play. He could maybe be a decent 3rd liner if we go with 3 offensive lines, but even that I see as a bit of a stretch. The only time he's looked really impressive in the AHL is October of last year, when him and Crabb were tearing it up together, but I think a lot of that was Colborne feeding off Crabb.

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