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12-02-2012, 01:34 PM
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Skating : Taylor Hall
Shooting : Hall has better velocity but Seguin has a better overall shot
Passing : Seguin
Defense : Seguin
Leadership : Hall
Offensive Instincts : Hall
Physicality : Hall
Durability : Seguin
Grit : Hall

Overall Offense: Honestly you could vote either way. I say tie.
Overall Defense: Seguin

Better Player Now: Hall
Better Player Later: Hall

People might think it's a little weird to give Seguin so many of the categories but still vote Hall as the better player. To me it's because of his presence, it's crazy how much space Hall can open up for his teammates with his speed and ability to draw defenders. The Oilers performance is night and day when Hall is in the lineup.

As soon as he showed up in OKC all the kids started to play way better... He brings a much needed element.

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