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05-27-2006, 12:51 PM
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Originally Posted by montreal
I think it's on the 14th this year, last time they did it was 2 years ago and it started July 3rd I believe. I don't know if I'll go to this one cause it's just drills but we'll see how the draft goes and what other non drafted guys get invited.

It will likely be mostly guys from the '05 and '06 drafts, with a few guys thrown in. Urquhart, Lambert, come to mind if Gainey feels they need some work. At the last development camp I got to talk with Julien and I asked him why guys like Larrivee (oldest drafted prospect) and Archer took part but guys like Milroy and Michaud didn't. I asked if it was optional and he said it was not, that these are the players that management wants at the camp to work on certain things. He then said he wasn't running it and was just an observer.

So I'd guess it will be, Latendresse, Price, D'Agostini, Aubin, plus the '06 guys and some other prospect perhaps and hopefully some non drafted prospects. I would really hope to see Paquet and Wyman there, but they have to pay their own way, stupid NCAA. The Euros like Mikus and Siarhei Kostitsyn, I don't know. In Mikus's
case it would be up to his club to give him permission. I remember Eneqvist had permission to go but could only go for a couple days and then had to leave. Siarhei I assume he's back in Belarus, dont know if he would be there since there are some problems in Belarus with the USA/Canada.

Why would they have to ask permission if it's in July? It's not like they were playing. I mean it's like if the took a vacation in Montreal and went to see somes friends in an arena...

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