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12-02-2012, 02:58 PM
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I had a sacrastic post all lined up and ready to go. Then i got hungry, made some lunch, and watched "Spanish Fry"..the Futurama episode semi-about Big Foot. So in a much less sacrastic way...

1) Ronnie Bass claims that we dont have "open minds" but whenever people present legitimate counter-arguments it seems like his only response is "you guys are just closed minded!" instead of appreciating the logic and science behind our arguments

2) A 2 hour lecture in my biology class (5 days ago ironically) almost completely disproves, or severley limits the logical possibility, of bigfoot existing. It really is just simple population ecology at work here. Bigfoot is widely regarded as an 8-10ft ape like creature that walks upright and lives in heavily wooded areas.

In order for a species to survive it has to have fitness (ability to reproduce and prolong its genetic material in future generations). If there was ever an animal with such notorious low fitness, its bigfoot. SA creature as (hypothetically) large as Big Foot that specifically lives (hypothetically) in the North American Northwest simply cannot exist mainly for this reason. The Northwest is too populated, even in its more remote areas.

We know the relative population of tigers remaining on the entire planet. Tigers, incredibly solitary, elusive, and large i.e. need a lot of territory and food, creatures. We have been able to find footage of snow leopards in the middle eastern mountains, one of the least seen animals on our planet in one the least accessible places. There is no reason for me to logically believe that a 10 foot human-ape would have gone this long without sitings of any sort. The tracks, hair samples, dung samples, are too rare and are dripping with skepticism.

TL, DR version: Ignoring the biological impossiblity of an ape mating with a human and producing offspring, The territory needed for such a large creature and the amount of food it would need to consume in order to have high fitness is simply too demanding for a creature like Big Foot to not have been filmed, captured, killed, or studied.

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