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Originally Posted by Taco MacArthur View Post
Wow - that's quite a stretch, giving credit to Jagr for the Penguins getting Crosby and Malkin, and for the Capitals getting Ovechkin.

If Wayne Gretzky had been playing for the Penguins in the early 1980s, they never would have gotten Lemieux, so I guess Gretzky gets credit for the Penguins getting Lemieux.
It's not the same thing. The fact is Jagr actually did play for the Penguins and Capitals. He is either directly or indirectly responsible for the fate of both the Penguins and Capitals franchises.

The Penguins would have most likely been relocated if not for Jagr keeping them competitive.

Out of Crosby, Lemieux and Jagr, only Jagr has made the playoffs in every single season of his time there. That should say something about his talent.

Sure Lemieux was a special player and pretty much better at everything than Jagr is (although it's pretty close in every facet) but Jagr could carry teams the way Lemieux never could.

Lemieux was never able to take mediocre teams into the playoffs (he needed great teams) while Jagr basically carried teams all on his own.

Every single player in the top 10 has flaws.

Gretzky was not big, strong or fast.

Lemieux had his health issues and was a primadona in his early days.

Orr had his health issues.

So what if Jagr had his flaws, the thing is his strengths far outway his flaws to the point they elevate him to pretty much top 10 status.

He has the prime, peak, longevity, consistency, award and accomplishment count and numbers to back up this claim.

Jagr doesn't score that goal against the Blackhawks in 1992, the Penguins probably don't win that game and the Blackhawks ride their 12 game winning streak to a Stanley Cup.

In 2000-01 he was injured, mentally tired and fed up carrying a mediocre team without any support and the moment Mr. Le Magnifique returns, everyone expects Jagr to give up the C and suddenly he's no longer the best player in the world?

He could have handled it different his departure and his unwillingness to resign in Pittsburgh but it's not like the fans treated him like a welcome player.

He gave them 10 great years and they are willing to forget all those years and just remember the one bad year and boo him everytime he visited the city. It was shameful how they treated that team's second greatest player of all time.

To those that claim that he's not the clear cut second best player, Crosby has yet to do anything to surpass Jagr. Is it Crosby's 41 game stretch in 2010-11? Jagr had better stretches than that many time in Pittsburgh including 2000-01.

Give the guy the credit he deserves.

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