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12-02-2012, 02:19 PM
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Originally Posted by mouser View Post
Simply having a long lockout this time around isn't going to dissuade future lockouts. We lost an entire season 7 years ago, yet here we are with the possibility of it happening again. Has little to do with how easy or hard negotiation were last time.

The best thing to head off future lockouts and lost games would be to have most to all of the NHL teams making money. That is the #1 thing that would make the league more adverse to missing games over a labor dispute.
This is one of the best posts in this thread and highlights a great point that isn't given enough weight: We can argue how much what owners are losing and how many franchises are not profitable. We can debate who is hiding money and projecting losses on to their teams through creative accounting. The black and white fact of the matter is, if the NHL as a whole was a healthy money making machine, there would never be a lockout. *most* of the owners are smart businessmen. That is how they got the money they have now. They would not just throw away a season's revenue to try to squeeze a few hundred million more from the players.

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