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12-02-2012, 02:35 PM
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Originally Posted by me2 View Post
No offense to Jensen or Kassian but they have not proven to be NHLers let alone have star power.

Tanev is our best young Dman and he is a 2nd pairing complementary guy a best. We have a few but no standouts you see leading a team.

Centre is train wreck - Schroeder and Gaunce means the team is lottery fodder if they are your top 2 centres.

Betting on an old Burrows and injury ravaged Kesler to be able to carry the team in 4-5 years is very optimistic.

The existing D might last that long but big chunks it'll be at the age you need serious renewal. Edler or bust.

The only bright spot is goal, assuming Schneider doesn't leave as a UFA in 3 years if the team looks done.

Based on what we have in the cupboard we are in for a world of hurt once the core burns out. It'll take a heap of amazing drafts and some great UFA signings to even be a playoff team.
I agree that it's unlikely that Jensen or Kassian will be able to replace the Sedins for star power, but in this case the city itself is an asset. Depending on how the NHL looks after this current Lockout debacle is over, as a desirable location for Free Agents all Vancouver needs is the cap space to be in play for good free agents. Now of course this is no guarantee but if the Sedins were to just retire at the end of their contracts there's a good chance we could do something with that extra $12 million cap room.

Also, pretty much every seasons you see at least one big name star player fall out of favour with his current team and get traded. And it doesn't always come down to who has the best assets for trade, sometimes it's just having your team in the right time and place to accommodate a disgruntled star player.

Neither of these are immediate fixtures, and you may have to wait a season or two to get the right guys, but the point is there's a number of avenue's open for the team to remain competitive once the Sedin's leave. It's no guarantee but if you combine each potential solution as a whole odds are Gillis will be able to figure something out to keep the team competitive.

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