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Originally Posted by mudcrutch79 View Post
Actually, I cite an NHLPA proposal in which the order of club revenues in 2003-04 is disclosed, various statements by Oiler executives as to where they sit revenue-wise, and a professor who reviewed the audited books of the Columbus Blue Jackets. In the second post I wrote about this, I cite a story based on revenues numbers that the Carolina Hurricanes file with the arena authority in Raleigh.
I would like to see more of a breakdown by business writers of the LLCs that own these teams. In many cases the setup is similar to what we have in Buffalo where the Sabres are one division of the LLC and another division runs the arena. The LLCs make money but the divison that is the NHL team usually does not.

The problem is many sports writers when breaking things down interchange the team with the LLC that owns them. It creates a very muddled financial picture.

You might want to be careful tossing around claims of who isn't the brightest bulb or who's a hack. My work gets cited in a lot awfully respectable news corners
That was uncalled for on my part and I apologize. I got caught up in the the debate with another poster and unfairly dragged you into it. In the process I inaccurately represented your blog and unfairly tore apart your blog posting.

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