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12-02-2012, 03:13 PM
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Originally Posted by Conflicted Habs fan View Post
The reason why Bettman went after the NHLPA by initiating this lockout, is not so much because he wanted parity among the teams, no, that is the propaganda meted out for our consumption, rather it is because he viewed the NHLPA as weak and that an attack on it would translate into additional profits. The game plan for the NHLPA to counter it, is to simply not let the NHL profit from this undertaking at all. So this year and maybe the next year is out. The long term benefit of this impasse when it is over will be that Bettman will no longer be making lockouts, and that he will be out of the job.
Nonsense. This isn't about the players weakness or Gary Bettman. The Players aren't weak. The deal they just had was the best in pro sports (in North America). This gets said often around here but I guess one more time wouldn't hurt: Gary Bettman works for the owners. This isn't about Gary Bettmans ego.

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