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What about skaters, which ones have you found out to be (well) worth the and which ones have been disappointments?

Skaters worth the money:

SOTW Jagr - I gave him captain card and he's absolutely a beast. Scores a ton, lays huge hits and speed is not a problem with captain card applied. And he Jaromir mf'ing Jagr, It's thrilling to see him dominate the ice once again.

Semin - My team got burned by opponents Semins toooo many times, and finally I got one myself too. And he's been great. Has probably the best wrister in the game aside from some of the SOTW's. He has speed and hands to compliment that wicked shot too. He goes for cheap right now so I definitely recommend him.

Filppula - had him for my second line center a long time, and he was really good at the job. Good all-around player, someone to consider if you're short on cash and in hunt for a quality player

Hemsky - another quality player for a very cheap price. He was great for me in '11 and ''12 and didn't disappoint me when I bought him again. The speed and especially the hands and there, and for a 1k you can pick a great secondary scoring forward.

Myers - now he's a beast. Surprisingly good speed, thunderous slapper, but it's his reach and hits you want him for. I mean I literally injure a player about every second game with him, and it's just too much fun to play with this wrecking ball

Burns - Great all-around defender, goes for surprisingly cheap considering he's 86 overall righty defender. Delivers on both sides of the rink, you simply can't go wrong with him.

HM's: Backstrom (skater), Landeskog, Getzlaf, SOTW Goligoski, Hanzal, S.Koivu

Skaters who didn't live up to the money:

SOTW Eberle - I had huge expectations for him given that my regular Eberle had exceeded really well in the few games I had played him. Turned out to be an absolute bust. Seemed slower than regular Eberle, and literally everybody ran over him. I dunno why but he fell every time when someone made even the slightest contact to him.

Parise - Like with SOTW Eberle, I had high hopes for him and placed him next to Koivu in hopes for some Wild magicthingy. That didn't happen, and I gave up with him after 10 games and lousy 1+1.

Karlsson - he was good offensively, but defensive side was lacking big time. I expect that my RD's are good all-around and Karlsson is obviously one dimensional. Maybe somebody can get better use of him, but I prefer all-around guys like Burns over him.

HM's: SOTW Selšnne, Iginla, Benn, Nash

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