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Originally Posted by joshjull View Post
I would like to see more of a breakdown by business writers of the LLCs that own these teams. In many cases the setup is similar to what we have in Buffalo where the Sabres are one division of the LLC and another division runs the arena. The LLCs make money but the divison that is the NHL team usually does not.

The problem is many sports writers when breaking things down interchange the team with the LLC that owns them. It creates a very muddled financial picture.
Aren't the Panthers or Sharks the usual business examples?
The Panthers organization has made $117.4 million in profits since the $185 million arena opened in 1998, according to the county.
The Panthers, for instance, are the main tenant of BB&T Center and without them SSE (Sunrise Sports & Entertainment) would void their lease and miss out on any AOC (Arena Operating Co.) profits as Broward County would then take over control (aka leasing it to the next party); similarly, the Sharks have the same type of agreement with their parent company and county with HP Pavilion.
Originally Posted by enrothorne View Post
Yay, ONE guy. Represents the whole league's players, right? Credit due to Ryan, yes. But how many NHL'ers are over there?
I didn't think was necessary, but I included that quote block to illustrate an example of the NHLPA's hypocrisy. Showing a strong, unified front seems to mean little to the players as many make their way overseas the moment they feel the process is taking too long rather than get involved and/or pressure reps. I'm sure there's more than one guy who gave that cliched party line to the press about not wanting to take Euro jobs, but has now contradicted it. Ryan was just the latest.

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