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Originally Posted by Duke49 View Post
Quit looking at his numbers and stats. This is where you are failing. You have to have watched him over the last few years to see the improvement. He used to be awful at over committing. Not nearly the problem it was 2-3 years ago. He was one of the worst in shootouts. He's improved dramatically in that area. He's still not where he needs to be but he's getting there. This was the first year where he was the undisputed #1 guy. He was relied on a lot more then ever before. His previous two seasons he split time and has had his starts increase each year.
Pavs has made strides each year. He will be fine. Just have a tad bit of patience instead of having unrealistic expectations.
Personally I haven't seen much improvements in those areas. He still over commits. He He still is bad in SO. He was #1 guy because the other option was worse.
The increase in starts has lead to a decrease in results even though the per game load has been easier with less shots/game and more defensive system pushing those shots to less dangerous areas.
I'm high on Pavs because he has the tools, but hasn't quite gotten the toolbox... and as a former goalie I understand what it's like.
He still hasn't made steps to become the guy he could be. All indications are his work ethic is poor. He still has a weakness with back-to-backs, weekends and away games... even relative to others. This could be an indication of poor work ethic and professionally.

Originally Posted by TheBunk View Post
Have to agree. Stats only show part of the story and don't account for the intangibles. Pavs will be fine, we have a good talent here, and totally agree on having a little patience.
While more can go on that is beyond the numbers... the above can be partial fallacies as well.

If improvements or intangibles exist they still show up in stats as you should be causing positive results. If improvements or intangibles do not create positive results then they aren't really that great.

For Pavs I still see a bit of the same story as his early years. I still see a guy with great raw athleticism and size, but poor positioning, over commits and results that point out to bad work ethic.

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