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12-02-2012, 04:31 PM
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I play hockey in a University intramural league, and I really love my team, but last game my one teammate was being so brutal. He is a defense and on the point he got the puck, he then just stood there not moving at all with the puck and then after a couple seconds winds up slowly for a slapshot, of course the puck gets picked away from him and they are off down the ice on a 2-0. I sprint down the ice and manage to catch up to the puck handler who I know has a tendanciy to be a puck hog. I tie him up but he manages a pass to his winger who gets a weak shot on net. After that my goalie palys it too me and I pass it up the ice to this same defenseman (who is now the last one back into our zone) and he tries to toe drag around a guy and gets stood up. Puck comes back down and they get another good chance at a goal.
Afterwards he comes up to me on the bench and starts to lecture me about what I should have done diffrently on my desperate sprint back to stop a 2 on 0 that he caused

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