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05-27-2006, 02:59 PM
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Originally Posted by montreal
Personally I hope he never comes back. It still painful to remember hearing he got traded. I know Tremblay is blamed, but by him asking to be traded it crippled the team. I cheered for him with the Avs and am glad he's having so much success in the Q, but my personal hope is that he not be back. Just like I would never want Tremblay back or Houle to have any real jobs with the team.

I'd like to see Robinson get the job but I'm guessing he won't come back. Rod Langway is a guy I always wondered why they didn't consider him as a D coach in the past, perhaps he's not interested?

In addition I'd like to see Gainey make a move in Hamilton and replace Lever but perhaps Gainey is confident in him.
Even if I agree I could maybe accept him as a coach if he were any good. But making the headlines and shouting matches doesn't make him a good coach.
And with that attitude I don't think he deserves to be part of the Habs.

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