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12-02-2012, 05:01 PM
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I come back to see that I’ve ruffled someone’s feathers.

“95% of the players are on the three other web sites that rank players. Its not that hard to copy and paste.”
Just cuz that’s all you do, Capitals03?

Among my brief little comments do you see some line that I’ve copied from some “other list”? No, you don’t. As you can tell - from my previous posts and goalie rankings - I don’t care one iota about being in line with “other lists” or what other scouts say. I do not scout by remote-control. And I certainly don’t rely on the selections of minor hockey Coaches to inform or validate my assessment of talent and potential. My role is to identify talent wherever it is, without respect to Flight or Association or a Coach’s decision or Championships won.

And of course 95% of the players on my list are on other lists. I’ve only listed the Top 15 Forwards, Top 10 D, and Top 5 Keepers. Are you really surprised that there is consensus as to who is among the cream-of-the-crop? That said, the hidden prospects and the hunches are what real scouts are for.

As for my CV, the good people I work with might recognize my prose, though I can’t imagine them ever looking here. Besides, I’m not going to broadcast the fact that I give away for free what they reward me so handsomely for (LOL). And I certainly don’t want to get approached by parents over some remark – good or bad - that I might post about their son.

As for the #3 goalie on my list, I am probably more certain of his "potential" as a “prospect” than the other four keepers I mentioned. I’ll try to post more on that later.

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