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12-02-2012, 05:14 PM
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Skaters that are well worth the pucks:
SOTW Mueller-Has an absolute wicked shot and is an all around good player that can be had for reasonably cheap.
SOTW Clutterbuck- Can be had for VERY cheap, and he is the ideal third/fourth liner. He hits everything that moves, is a good skater, and can chip in offensively pretty often. I have quite a few short handed goals with him.
Mike Richards-Comes at a price, but is an all around beast. I have him as my captain, and he is literally good at everything. Great at faceoffs.
Kevin Shattenkirk-Another cheap player that is good at everything. Very accurate shot.
Alex Pietrangelo-He's my favorite player IRL so I desperately wanted him. I saved up the pucks and bought the first one I saw under 20k. Complete waste. The game definitely does not do him justice. His shot is okay, and he lays some big hits every once in a while, but he's slow and seems to get knocked down very easily. As much as it pained me, I had to get rid of him. He was just awful.
Erik Karlsson-When I sold Pietrangelo, I used the pucks and bought Karlsson thinking he would be the ideal PPQB, and provide some good outlet passes. He is good offensively, and I he had 9 points in the 14 games I played with him, so that's not too bad. However, on the defensive side of the puck, he's terrible in this game. He can't hit(which I guess is fair since he's a small player), his poke check should be a lot better than it actually is, and he got injured 3 times since I've owned him. I had to dump him too.
Marian Gaborik- This leads me to my all time disappointment. I got Gaborik in my Gamestop Pre Order pack and I was so excited. 72 games later, all of which have been spent on my first line and on the PP and he has 21 points. Even more disappointing is that out of those 21 points, only 7 are goals. He's fast, but I can't snipe with him at all. I get him on breakaways, and he hits the post, I get him in the slot, goalie snags it. It's so frustrating. For comparison's sake, I have Mike Richards as my 2nd line center and 2nd PP unit and he has 86 points in 81 games. I'm going to keep him on my team, but I might drop him down a line or two because I can't get anything going. Really disappointed.

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