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Originally Posted by bluesfan94 View Post
Tarasenko didn't have the opportunity to play in the NHL until now. Pesky contracts! Of course Tarasenko was the runner up in ROTY voting in the 2nd best league in the world as a 17 year old.

You're right. Landeskog is more proven in the world of hockey, by a bit. In the NHL, he's much more proven. But the world of hockey, which is what was the topic of conversation when you responded, isn't limited to the NHL. So when we said a bit, referring to the world of hockey, you disagreed with something you just admitted to agreeing to. I like it when people argue just to argue.

Or we can look at it right now. There is no NHL. So Tarasenko is one of the premier players in the best league in the world. Landeskog is one of the best in the 2nd best league in Sweden. So right now, isn't it easy to say Tarasenko?

Now I love Landeskog, and I'd find it impossible to say I don't want him on the Blues. He'd fit the team to a t. But let's not pretend that Tarasenko doesn't show many of the exact same qualities that make Landeskog successful. Tarasenko is a great skater; one of the best in the preseason skates when he was here. He has a nose for the net; he scored a hattrick last year in the playoffs in under 15 minutes of ice time. He also led his team in playoff scoring getting under 15 minutes a game. Not bad. He's a leader; he captained the remarkable comeback by the Russian WJC team against Canada two years ago. He was hurt, came back, scored and had an assist. He's physical. Watch him play.

The question from OP is: who will you take on your team? Obviously NHL team. So we were speaking about NHL.

In the World of hockey, Landeskog is proven on a higher level than Tarasenko. Tarasenko mught be even better than him, but he needs to prove it in NHL first.

Comparing where they are now is meaningless. Judging by this logic AHLer Petri Kontiola>>>>>>>>>Anze Kopitar. It's lockout, Landeskog is using the chance to play for his hometown team.
The thing is, even if Tarasenko and Landeskog played in the same league and Tarasenko was outproducing Landeskog that would mean nothing, just like Backlund outproducing Kopitar or Glenn Metropolit outproducing Spezza or Sergei Mozyakin outproducing Ovechkin means nothing.

Now this 2nd best league in the World term is really overused. It's not like SEL or NLA are farm leagues of KHL.

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