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Originally Posted by chewerjones View Post
I agree that he is a weak link in the Sudbury system, but hear me out.

It seems like he spends the money, and they get the support. He doesnt seem to interfere in the day to day hockey operations, coaching, and trades, from what I have been told, and seen??

For example, this year with Vilardi, they blew it, but I dont think it was mainly because of the spot given to Connor Burgess that upset Vilardi and sent him back home. Guys like Huether or Schutt/Cull or Desrochers shouldnt have taken up a development spot for Vilardi, who happens to be a highly skilled centreman. Unless Burgess made that call, then you would have to blame that fiasco on BS.

Also, they dont play Cummins because they say he is terrible? Who drafted him at 14th overall? A first rounder dman on a weak Sudbury Defence should play his first year and get some half decent minutes. Not the case.

They used a high import pick last year to select the Swedish goalie, and they had him only for one year??? If they couldnt get an import goalie that could play at least 2 years with the team, then trade the pick for a starting goalie that would last 2-3 years in Sudbury??

The above are all bad hockey decisions/moves and if Mark Burgess pulled the strings on all those calls, then YES you are right, but if it was BS, then we need to get rid of BS and get a true hockey guy.
Mark Burgess does not interfere with the daily hockey operations? Am I misunderstanding you? Or are you just legitimately that clueless. While Huether has not been great, guys like Cull and Desrochers fill a completely different roll than Vilardi. Desrochers in particular is a great defensive forward who is a great skater and strong on the forecheck. Vilardi made it evident in training camp that with his current skating skills he could not be a factor at the OHL level, YET.

Connor Cummins has 0 hockey sense, he stands around like a pylon and has no clue where to be on the ice. Calling Sudbury's defence week is mis-representing them as well. Sefton and Corrado are a solid top pairing, Corbett, when healthy has been a great addition to the defensive core. Dodero has been hot and cold and is a bit of a disapointment this year, however if he can turn his play around to where it was last year he's a great compliment to the top 4. MacKenzie Braid was doing a solid job on the bottom pairing before his injury as well. De Haan has show some great hockey sense and the potential to be a puck mover on the back end, something Sudbury is sorely missing.

I won't even comment on the Import draft as it is such a crapshoot at this level. However I do feel the wolves did exceptionally well picking up a talent like Kahun, who I'd argue has been the wolves top player. As well as getting a guy like Kubalik who has shown some spark as of late when put on the top line with Michael Kantor and Kahun.

You really think Blaine Smith is the problem? Briniging in Michael Kantor for a mid pick and two fringe OHLers? Trading John McFarland for Sgarbossa? The deal to move up in the import draft? Picking up Dodero for a late pick? Consistently re-cooping picks for players who won't report like Riley Corbin, Quinn, Beyers, etc? I do feel there is a lot of blame to be thrown around the wolves organization. But throwing any of it towards Blaine Smith is undermining a lot of the great moves he has made for this organization. Without a doubt he has done a better job GMing then Mike Foligno did.

At the end of the day I do feel like a lot of the blame for the wolves lack of success falls on not only Mark Burgess, but our Head Scouts, as well as scouting staff for continuing to make lacklustre picks in the draft. As well as on the failure to develop the early picks internally which may or may not fall on the coaching staff in the end.

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