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12-02-2012, 05:36 PM
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Skating: Close but Hall
Shooting: Close but Seguin
Passing: Seguin
Defense: Seguin (Hall probably would be if he played for the Bruins though)
Leadership: Hall by a country mile, he's a future captain while Seguin would be pretty damn lucky to get an A
Offensive Instincts: Pretty even... If I had to give the edge probably Hall.
Physicality: Hall, Seguin basically doesn't body check at all. However, the way Hall throws his body out isn't necessarily a good thing for someone of his size.
Durability: Seguin, the only injury he's had was a severed tendon that didn't require him to miss any games. He doesn't play physical, either.
Grit: Hall

Overall Offense: Close, I'll give Hall the edge, partially because I think he's the better player offensively and partially because Seguin plays in a system where all of he'll never be able to utilize 100% of his offensive prowess.
Overall Defense: Seguin, again partially because of the team and system...
Please note that these two would very likely be swapped if either of these 2 players got drafted by the other team.

Better Player Now: Seguin
Better Player Later: Honestly you can't go wrong with either. Hall will likely put up better numbers as well as being a captain, but Seguin brings a better overall game while being pretty close to Hall's number. The only thing that would influence me to give either the edge is Hall's durability. Although the skate in the eye wasn't being injury prone, the way he throws his body out there isn't the greatest thing for someone of his size to do.

One thing's for sure, they got drafted by the right teams. Boston clearly doesn't need ANYONE to go out there and score constantly, we had the best differential for a looong time last year, we have a very capable offense. Almost everyone in our top-6 can score 30 goals, we don't need a single player to lay all of their offense on the line. While Edmonton lacks a lot in defense, they have 4 terrific players who are fantastic offensively, and Hall is definitely tops among them. He'll be a very important team piece to the Oilers.

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