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12-02-2012, 06:03 PM
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Originally Posted by Marc the Habs Fan View Post
The Barkov hype is getting a bit out of control around here. Several of you seem certain he's better than MacKinnon. Really?

It's not unheard for a draft eligible player to put up good numbers in the SM-liiga. Grandlund, Armia, Teravainen, etc all did it in the last 3 draft classes. The teams in that league seem to trust their kids a lot more than SEL teams do.

Now Barkov is an extremely young player for his draft and he's doing it in a lockout year with several NHLers in that league, which is an excellent sign, but there has to be a reason why the majority of the scouting world sees him as the 3rd-6th pick while MacKinnon is 1st or 2nd.

Don't get me wrong though, I'd be ecstatic to get Barkov. But I'd be even happier to get MacKinnon. Heh.
Originally Posted by JAVO16 View Post
There's a difference between good numbers (Armia-0.6ppg and Teravainen-0.45ppg) and great numbers( Grandlund-0.93ppg and Barkov-1ppgg). Now, a lot of people believe Granlund is in the discussion for best player out of the NHL and Barkov is doing better than Granlund was doing in his draft year while being younger,bigger, better defensively and, as you said, in a better league juiced up with NHLers.

Also, the majority of the scouting world isn't a very good argument in november because a lot of scout form an opinion at the WJC or later on in the year on euro prospects (all you need to think of is the rise of Teravainen last year).

Anyways, from my point of view,all you need to do is reverse the names in your last sentence so it's not like it would hard to come to terms with picking MacKinnon, Jones, Lindholm, Drouin or Monahan.
Originally Posted by WeThreeKings View Post
The difference right now between Barkov and MacKinnon, which is huge in this era of the NHL, is SKATING ability.

Barkov can and will improve his quickness, acceleration and speed but there is a severe doubt that he will ever be the explosive and elusive skater than MacKinnon is. The differences between their other skill sets are negligible but the skating gap is rather large and that's enough to ensure that Barkov doesn't overtake MacKinnon in the draft.

That being said, if MacKinnon isn't an option.. it's Barkov, Drouin or Lindholm or bust for me.
The WJHC's will go a long way to expressing who the #1 player in the 2013 draft will be,but my feeling is Drouin would have been if he had played.Leaving fans dumbfounded as to why he wasn't selected,the tournament should showcase the players that haven't been drafted.Drouin won't be the first to get the treatment just think back to Tyler Seguin's exploits that never happened for Team Canada.Remember he was chosen 2nd overall behind Taylor Hall.My choice for the #1 will most likely be Drouin first he's a great player and 2nd he's the underdog that everyone is scared to call #1 in case he slips,but then he may be the best player for a generation by the time his name is called at the draft.

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