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Originally Posted by YWGinYYZ View Post
Interesting: they're going to go ahead with the Players - Owners meeting, with a handful of owners being represented:

No news yet on who the players are, but it's good to see a variety of owners from various economic spectrums represented, including the Jets' Chipman.
It'd be crazy to expect much, given the history of this mess, but there is still a faint glimmer of hope.
My take on this has been that the most damaging factor in all of this has been the demonization of the owners group by Fehr and selected media sources. If you have been led to believe they (owners) are a bunch of money-grubbing crooks out to screw the players, it is difficult to make concessions. Presumably, if the owners simply get to tell their story and explain their business position, face to face face, it will become harder for the players to maintain a position so damaging to their interests, for the sake of principle. It's hard to see Chipman as the face of evil and that likely applies to most who will be in the room.
There needs to be some compromise on both sides, obviously, but the risks of not settling very soon are heavily skewed toward the players.

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