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Originally Posted by surixon View Post
Fair enough. My main issue is that Couturier started at the same level as Burmistrov last year as a younger player and so far this year looks to have taken a bigger step forward offensively. IMO he is widening the gap between himself and Burmie. One year can make a massive difference in development if one player improves substantially and the other holds steady.

I agree a number of the players I mentioned performed worse the he did last year, many of which were in their first year of professional hockey and that makes a difference. The most telling sign is that all these guys have taken a step forward this year offensively while Burmistrov has not. You may feel the sample size is too small and that's fine, but if this continues throughout the year are you still going to be happy as more players either close the gap or pass him? I know I won't be, its all about progression and imo he's shown very little of it offensively. You may think I'm being harsh, but I give less leeway to a third year pro than I do to a first and second year pro. In the end I want him to succeed just as much as the rest of you, but I'm not going to pretend that his development is going great, he's starting look more and more like a very good third liner than a top 6 forward.
That all makes sense.

Regarding SC and Burmi, my point is that I think it's a little overly critical, or selective reasoning if you will, to choose 1 guy (SC) to use as the basis to decide that Burmi is not progressing, while purposely ignoring Burmi's draft class as well as the one before and after is all.

It might not seem like it, but I also agree with your second paragraph. If Burmi doesn't progress over a longer body of work, then it might look more and more that he might turn out to be more of a defensive 3rd liner than a top 6 point getter. I just think that using the 22 game AHL sample size (and all the issues with the Ice Caps), and ignoring last season in the NHL (for Burmi and the other players in his age group), seems like purposely looking for reasons to be pessimistic.

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