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If you sign a player in free agency, then you can't trade him until season starts because you're just doing it for assets, unless you have a legit reason like over the cap, then no. But if it was signed before the offseason, then you can? Sounds pretty fair to me

Originally Posted by Sergei Berezin View Post
I can make the rule only applicable the offseason, rather than the first month of the season then?

And Phion, that's not much different. No one is going to make free agency, because no one wants to lose assets, so everyone will just resign their guys and trade them to whoever wants them.

I can see why you're all upset about this, but don't you understand where I'm coming from? It circumvents the whole free agency process.

And think about it this way; while you may lose a Penner or something, there's probably going to be someone in free agency who is better sitting there for you.
I'd be good with that.
Just checking, that the players you had BEFORE July 1st can be traded, but the ones AFTER can't until season starts?
Yes, if you sign a player in fa just to trade like day after isn't fair.
What if Anaheim loses Perry?

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