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12-02-2012, 06:36 PM
David Krejci*
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So i got into the playoffs, came within a post of advancing to the pro tournament. i got stonewalled by a dude with a SUPER stacked team

Kurri, Gretzky, his offense wasn't the problem in fact i kept him relatively cold by only giving up 3 goals, it was his top defensive pairing that iced me (Myers/Chara, **** like that should be illegal XD)

After this i decided to re-reevaluate me team and pick out weaknesses:

If anyone is curious:

Clowe/Taveres/Purcell (Surprisingly good line)

Gologoski/White (Gogo injured, Daley takes his place atm)

DiPetro (2 shutouts in 4 tournament games O_o)

I've already grown tired of Enstrom as he flat out sucks, never have i seen an OFD miss so many damn shots from the point, The rest however, have held up well

I think i might need to invest in one of those skyscraper defenseman since my offense seems to hold up well

Edit: If Hemsky is really going for that cheap im gonna buy him to replace Wheeler, that would be nasty down the right wing
Ditch Enstrom and go for Kronwall. He's been great for me. If Bogo's a TWD, they'll have 99 chemistry. Also get rid of Raymond, what kind of a Bruins fan would employ a Canuck? lol

Also when playing the market, if you're only going to make like 500 pucks, don't even bother, you're only handcuffing yourself until you sell your item, handcuffing yourself from getting REAL steals and making big profits. Remember, there's a 5% tax on everything you sell.