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Originally Posted by Sergei Berezin View Post
Tell you what:

If you can't trade players who are pending UFAs during the draft period, or resign phase, then you can sign and trade ONLY after a trade has been agreed upon. You can't sign the guy, and then wait for a trade, the trade must be announced before you sign the guy, and then you proceed to sign him under the directions of the players new GM.

Next, I'll change the overall cutoff from 80 to 82, and I'll allow trades from when the season resumes, but not during the offseason.

Let me know what you guys think about that.

I just want to make free agency more of a frenzy and fun, rather than dull with like players nobody cares about hitting the block.
Keep the ovr at 80 imo. and check your inbox. And sometimes a person doesn't even sign with the team for their asking price on circumstances that if you want to know I will tell you in a pm.

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