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12-02-2012, 08:04 PM
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Originally Posted by shureshot66 View Post
Very, very good points. Forgot how well Denver was playing.
That defense + a QB that actually knows what the hell he's doing + another year of experience for that receiving core + weakest-since-the-mid-90s AFC = 7 game winning streak.

Mind you the Bengals may be the best team they've played in that streak...because, as I said, weakest-since-the-mid-90s AFC.

Denver ends the season with only one really tough game, too...@ Baltimore in two weeks. Otherwise it's just Oakland, Cleveland (home), and KC (home) for the Broncos. They're not finishing with less than 11 wins.

Plus, despite them (also) being nothing special this year...New England is also 9-3...but they have a tougher schedule (Houston, San Francisco, @ Jacksonville, Miami).

Indianapolis still has to play Houston twice...but I wouldn't be counting on Houston pulling out all the stops in Week 17 in Indianapolis.

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