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12-02-2012, 07:18 PM
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There's a lot of false statements being made on this thread right now, about both players. I feel as someone who watches a TON of both players, and being the guy who made the thread, I'd offer up my opinion:

Skating - The edge goes to Hall because his speed makes more of a difference in games than Seguin's agility and cuts. However arguing Seguin can't blow by defenders is asinine.

He not only blows by these defenders, but unlike Hall he's able to stick-handle and retain possession while weaving by them.

Shooting Seguin and it honestly isn't even close. He's got better velocity, better accuracy, and a quicker release. Hall is a great scorer, but most of his goals are clean-up jobs near the net. Seguin has some sick snipes

That's the best snipe in Hall's NHL career - and literally the only one of his goals close to being this good. Now here are some Seguin ones:

He does this with consistency. Great power, accuracy, and release on both his slap-shot and wrist-shot. I don't think I've ever seen a Hall slap-shot goal in the NHL yet.
Passing - Hall is a decent passer, but Seguin is a playmaker by nature, and has great vision, hands, and patience that allow him to EASILY be the better passer.

Puck skills - Seguin quite easily. Better stick-handler and puck-manager.
Defense - Seguin by a little. He's on Boston's "shutdown" line, and is a bit more organized in his own zone.
Leadership - Hall by a mile. AINEC.
Offensive Instincts - Seguin easily has more hockey sense, but Hall has great instincts in his ability to go to the right places to clean up around the crease. It's a slight win for Seguin here.
Physicality - Hall. Not even close. I don't even think I've seen Seguin throw a hit.
Durability - Seguin AINEC. I don't think he's been injured once yet. And his style of play is conducive to avoiding injury, whereas we all know about Hall's reckless style.
Grit - Hall. not even close

Overall Offense - Seguin is much better with the puck, whereas Hall's speed and offensive instincts make him a real difference maker. I'm going to say it's a draw.
Overall Defense - Seguin.

Better Player Now: Seguin but it's close
Better Player Later: Seguin

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