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12-02-2012, 07:19 PM
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Originally Posted by slightlystewpid420 View Post
Trades are not getting reversed. And Columbus goes to the next on the reserves. I have 3 players on there I just haven't updated it.
Just to be clear, just like I originally stated jack, I have nothing wrong with the trade itself. I had ever reason to be against because I knew this gm was a flake and would be gone within a few weeks, turns out 3 actual days, so again I'd like to bring up the concern, is there anyway we can talk about a new rule?

A newly appointed gm, or beginning of new season, cannot trade a "franchise" player until they have been in the league for 4 advances. Or something of that nature.

I mean it's like your mother in law who's visiting for just Christmas to refurnish your entire house without your input and then jet. You may like it, most likely isn't ideal, but why not try to avoid the possible discrepancy from the start as best as possible?

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