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Originally Posted by nah68 View Post
To rink rat
First of who is recommending that you join the league with 4 teams? Surely it would'nt be from teams outof the city. It was SMHA would initially made the bid for 6 teams, it was then the people who "voted" not to join but to stay. We could dispute the reasons forever, but 1 things for sure there is a division with people wanting to stay and wanting to leave. My opinion, you decide amongst yourselves, if your happy with the GSHL, stay. If your not, leave, its simple. And if your not in favour of staying but have to go with the majority, do like others have and live with Grandparents, uncles, and aunties. Thats another topic for another day.
And here in lies the problem. You do have peope that are torn in GSHL. I've been exposed to both systems and I must say that my preference is the C4 and SBAAHL. But, that's my opinion.

The funny business with living with grand parents, etc, etc, has been going on forever too. I have more respect for parents who make their child play where they belong and MAKE the rest of the team better. That's the true measure of a great player. Is it frustrating yes, you bet. But what does it matter. Another thing is what the h**l are these parents teaching their kids by jockying them around? That it's "okay" to "cheat a little." If he has the coaching and his skill keeps improving, he will make that jump to the next level. Let's not forget, that's why we have the SASK FIRST program. To identify skill, to place players on an equal playing field. I say it to parents all the time, stick to the solid coaching, invest in some quality instruction over the summer and everything will work out fine.

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