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Originally Posted by SaskRinkRat View Post
I completely agree with this, as do most of the people I talk to about this issue. But if not to perform better at Westerns, then what is the reasoning for contracting Bantam AA hockey so significantly in the province? The province has gone from 29 to 23 AA teams in two years, and most are suggesting that Saskatoon should chop another two teams. Even if we did that - hell, even if we chopped another 10 teams - we'd still barely compete at Westerns. But that's what I don't get - if not to compete at Westerns, then why contract?

Based on the logic most of the SK hockey community uses, if Saskatoon went down to a single team (like Burnaby) it would be the destination team for all the top players in the province. Why? Because it would win every game it played all season, regardless of the opponent, and that's what parents seem to care about.
Honestly the SBAAHL is far better set up than the previous system. Let's face it folks, there were just too many teams and the bottom 3-4 struggled relentlessly. I believe Unity was in the bantam league 3-4 years ago and they were getting beat handily. Warman used to make it look like a game played by AA bantam vs. an atom tier II. Not fun. The bottom line is there are only so many quality AA kids. You can not have more teams for the sake of having more players. If skill lacks, the whole league suffers. There is nothing wrong with quality kids having to travel to play on fewer teams. I know kids that do not travel (personal choice) who could play AA and they make their house teams better. So who really loses? No one.

If the GSHL cut down to 4 teams and joined SBAAHL they would be competitive. Why? You've removed the bottom 7-10 players from the league. (arguably all bubble kids). This lets the bubble kids improve at tier II, get confidence, then step up to AA the following year... I see nothing wrong with this. Neither do most parents I talk to. But alas, my opinion only. Hockey is often driven by parents (who are executive members too), coaches (with self serving agendas) which want more teams... Why? To allow their own bubble kids to play. Then they get there and have no confidence because they simply are not measuring up. Surely some folks must see this as well. In comparison, the SBAAHL and C4 kids have to travel to try out. Generally speaking, the selection is made based on the best 15 kids at camp + two goalies. In my experience it's been cut and dry. You are often getting a better product because the kids are more focused... They have one shot or it's house league. That's why I find C4 and SBAAHL kids a little more dialed in.

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