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Originally Posted by JCD View Post
How many Viking games have you seen? By the sounds of things, few to none.

Vikes WRs are terrible. But that does not hide the fact that Ponder can't push the ball downfield even then they do get open. His arm strength is attrocious. Prior to Ponder, Harvin's primary game was as a deep threat (how he cut his teeth with Favre). Simpson was brought in specifically to be the deep threat.

Bottom line, with Ponder under center, your eliminate everything in the playbook further than 20 yards downfield. He simply cannot complete those throws.

He may not be the worst QB in the league, but he is close. And shown little to no development thus far. He is a bust.
Seen plenty of Vikings games, enough to know that you guys are overlooking the worst receiving corps in the league so that you can take shots at the QB instead. There's not a single receiver on that team I'd take on my crappy 3-8 team now, much less a 6-6 squad.

The Vikings expecting Jerome Simpson, Michael Jenkins, and Devin Aromashodu to give Ponder a target to throw at is nothing short of silly. If Simpson was brought in to be a deep threat, that's funny, 83 catches in his career to date doesn't really spell out reliable deep threat to me. Once again the Vikings tried patching up things via free agent receivers who were scrubs for all but one year of their career and it didn't work. Percy Harvin's career long of 53 yards doesn't make him a deep threat either, this is the first time I've ever heard him called a deep threat. Nobody outside of Vikings fans consider Harvin to be a deep threat, he is a short game receiver capable of breaking tackles and running a long way, with electric speed in tight situations. That's a lot different than a DeSean Jackson who you expect to catch nothing but deep balls. They have the same speed and body profile sure, but one is a deep threat and one isn't.

The WR's are terrible, you said it yourself. Unless it's a Tom Brady behind center, how can you expect the QB to do anything right in that scenario? The Vikings have had bad receivers a lot in the past few years and only had one full year of Harvin and Rice together, but they've completely neglected to replace Rice and with Harvin now out, they have nothing. So I don't know what you expect. Any below-average secondary could completely neutralize the Vikings in the passing game, and while I don't think Ponder's all that good, it's premature to call him a bust when he's had one NFL receiver in his 23 games as an NFL starter, yet somehow crafted more TD's than interceptions out of that whole deal. Getting all upset because he can't throw his way through the Bears and Packers is absolutely ridiculous.

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