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12-02-2012, 07:50 PM
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Originally Posted by Chubros View Post
I'd think that the biggest reason why Jabobs is there is because he's the chairman of the BOG. He probably gets to choose who attends.

You're right that the owners want this meeting without Fehr because they feel that he has obstructed negotiations - that has pretty much been his entire playbook since he was hired by the PA.

Fehr made sure that the PA was reorganized so that he alone would be in charge. He changed the voting rules so it was harder for him to be ousted and he eliminated the player-president role that Linden held. It's true that some players are present at each meetings, but it's a revolving door of players. Since no player is involved in the entirety of the process, they all end up being observers. I think saying that Fehr withheld information from players is probably going too far, but he has certainly been actively shaping all PA info meant for player consumption.

The timing of the NHL's request for a Fehr-less meeting is interesting; it comes after the PA asked for mediation, building their case that negotiations have reached an impasse and angling toward de-certification. I think it shows that the owners truly believe that Fehr has held up the bargaining process.
And I'm sure the players feel that Bettman and a small handful of owners have held up the process as both ways.

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