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Originally Posted by Beatle17 View Post
Whenever someone says that Fehr is controlling the message to the players the pro-PA crowd pops up with the "the players are always informed through their website/technology/cell phones". Either they are well informed or as you are saying here they aren't, which is it?

The NHLPA is the most informed union that the NHLPA has ever seen. They are 99.9% (Hamerlik, Nervirth) behind Fehr. Fehr is known for making decisions based on UNION MEMBERSHIP SUPPORT ONLY. He does not hide information. He has conf calls every week where players can ask any question that they want...ALL players are invited on the PA's dime to any and all bargaining sessions...the NHLPA SOURCE mobile link has marginal updates due to the fact that the media has hacked the site.

There is a reason that the NHL does not want Fehr in the meetings and it is because he is the ONLY person standing in the way of the owners getting everything that they want. FEHR stands up for his players best interests. He negotiates based on what is best for his players long term and short term benefit. And lastly he will change his plans if his players want him the last proposal where players wanted to try and negotiate.

NHL just wants to have THEIR way and bully...problem is that they are matched up against a bigger bully!!!!!!! [mod]

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